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Perfecting the lines and wrinkles...

April 20, 2010 2:13 pm · Posted by Paula

When you get up around "my age" (*chronologically, of course), we all end up with a few teensy-tiny, and maybe one annoying, wrinkle. It's there. You know its there. And you want it gone. While many of us do not want to resort to Botox or other cosmetic procedures to make them go away, there are times we just wish they weren't there.

Well, Estée Lauder is going to try to help with its new line filler, Perfectionist [CP+] Targeted Deep Wrinkle Filler - the latest addition to the "Perfectionist" skincare line. It comes in a small, pen-like tube that makes it easier to apply directly where you want it. Once you apply it, just tap it into the wrinkle and smooth out the edges. This "concentrated treatment that instantly reduces the look of smile lines, crows feet and deep creases around the forehead, brows, and eyes and dramatically blurs the appearance of lip lines to hold back lipstick feathering for up to 8 hours." Also, "with continued use, skin becomes firmer, lines are blurred and deep wrinkles appear less noticeable for a younger and smoother look."

Now, this isn't something I would use everyday, mostly because I don't go for the full on face of makeup each day. However, I had a chance to try this, and when I do want to go all out, this fills in and gives me a smoother surface to play with. Remember, read the instructions. It says to use this *under* your moisturizer, and, it seems to me, that this is because the filler can be a bit drying, and the moisturizer keeps it from "cracking" while wearing it. Moisturizer also seems to give it a bit of a barrier between foundation, too, as some foundations seem to have a hard time setting over it on its own.

You can pick this up at your local Estée Lauder counter for $39.50. I'd tell you to pick it up online, but it looks like it is "out of stock". However, if you purchase it online, they will shoot you an email telling you your expected ship date.

If you do pick this up, or are already using it, lemme know. I'm curious how it works with daily usage.

posted by KristineFResendes

I wonder if with continued use it would also be coined as a preventative product for wrinkles.. seems like it! I'm only 24 and think trying it would be cool! Good find~!!

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